Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mission Organization

First things first. I just have to give a big THANK YOU to all who participated in my Ta-dah Tuesday linky party! I was so excited to get so many of you to link up your great ideas! And also a big THANKS to Diana over at The Girl Creative for giving my party a shout out on her blog....(I know that had a ton to do with my success!) Hopefully you will all come back next week to party some more! Check back on Friday were I will feature some of my favorite links!

Ok now onto the mess...
I am extremely embarrassed by this. Yes, this IS my craft closet. Can I point out one thing though? My kids do get into it. I know. That's no excuse.
People who have come into my home are like "Beckie, how do you keep your home so nice and clean?" Well, I'm here to admit that I am a closet clutter er. Is that even a word? Anyway, yep my house may look clean to the naked eye, but don't you dare open any of my closets! :) Ok, some are cute and organized, but some like this one aren't. Wheew. Nice to get that off my chest :) So last week I was in charge of our Relief Society Meeting and it was on Home Organization & Decluttering. Now before you gasp at the thought of me teaching a class like that, I had a lady come who is a I learn a lot of great ideas and tips and it motivated me to get a move on my closed closet clutterness. (that's not a word either)

So this when from this.....

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to this:

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It just feels good ya know. To have such a yucky space all clean.
A great tip to have before you get started is 3 boxes labeled
Throw away Keep Giveaway
So I will give you the 4 steps that were given to me.

Step 1: Sort
Start with an area small enough to tackle in one sitting.
Remove the items from the area and clean it.
Put the items in the appropriate box.

Step 2: De-Clutter
The most important step! (That's short for chuck the crap! :)

Step 3: Containerize
Containers give each item a home.
Store similar items together.
Items that are used the most get the most convenient locations.
Labels help everyone remember where to return the item.

Step 4: Tidy
Pick up daily. Tune up's regularly

So if your a closet clutter er like me, or just plain on the messy side...I challenge you to tackle a least one area in your house a week!

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Michele {The Scrap Shoppe} said...

Organizing my messes is one of my favorite things to do. Sometimes I feel like create messes just so get to clean them up. But not really, I'm just truly messy! Your space looks great!

Melanie said...

I wish you would have come and dragged me out like you told me you were going to because like always I completely forgot about the meeting. The sad thing is I thought that picture #1 didn't look so bad. That's how bad my closets look. You make my closets look great. I should have been there. I really needed to hear that enrichment.

pamela said...

Great post. I will bookmark this one because it applies to anything I need to declutter.
Stopping by via Org. and Decorate

MarytheKay said...

Am I a bad person if I think your before picture isn't that bad? :-) However, your After picture is BEAUTIFUL!

And, by the way, your blog design is just adorable!! Thanks for letting my stop by!

samantha said...

I don't think your craft area looks bad at all. If you need to feel better come over and check out mine. Haha I'm up for the challenge.

Leanne said...

Thanks for joining the party. It looks great. Isn't it so nice to have a space organized, even if it's usually in hiding? I feel like I can breathe when things are organized.

Al said...

You before looks a bit like my after - great post

learning montessori said...

love how organized your closet looks. now i'm inspired. btw I use used wine bottle boxes for my giftwrappers. You can probably get some free at costco. thanks again.