Thursday, September 26, 2013

Halloween Decor Galore!

I cannot tell you how much I {LOVE} this time of the year.....Halloween is my all time favorite!

I finally got my beloved black table all decked out (just to have my almost two year old want to destroy everything in site)  Maybe that's why I keep putting it off?!  Ha!

If any of you are interested in the print I have in my frame you can get it here for FREE!  There are also
lots of others for you to choose from :)
All props go to Summertime Designs for the graphics on my Halloween printables :)  She's just great!

I love these jars!  You can find the tutorial here on how I made them.  Please don't judge the post.  This was 4 years ago mind!  You can do so many
things with them as far as seasons and holidays.  A must have in your home decor in my opinion :)

You can never go wrong when glitter is involed.  I once saw a shirt that said
"Glitter is my favorite color"
I wanted it desperately, to bad it only came in sizes 2T - 6T :(  LOL!

I got this ADORABLE guy at a boutique here in Utah called "The Hive"

I just love all of his detail, especially the eyes!

Got this cute bunting there as well......

I got these paper mache boxes at Tai Pan many moons ago.....still one of my favorite
Halloween decorations! :)

Hope you all are enjoying decorating for the holidays as much as I am!

Stay tuned for my Organized Pantry reveal!  What a job that was.....WHEW!

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