Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pomander Balls and Wedding Centerpieces

What in the world am I doing with all of these Pomander Balls you ask?
Well, they are part of centerpieces for my little brothers wedding that is next weekend!
I love how they turned out and they look so pretty.....these pictures don't really do anything justice.

Here is the centerpiece in it's entirety.  I got the ideas from my best friend - Pinterest :)
There are teardrop crystals and tiny white light strung throughout.  They look so pretty at night all lite up!

Grab some Mason jars and paint, paint away.  And after all that work - sand it off?!

Supplies you will need: flower punch, cute paper, Styrofoam balls (I used the 3"), paint that matches your paper.  Use this to paint the ball and lots and lots of pearl straight pins!

Start pinning your life away....lol

I hung these using some jute, tied a knot at the base and hot glued that to the ball.  After using these in the wedding we thought it would be pretty to use them to decorate up a Christmas tree!
The Girl Creative