Monday, May 25, 2009

A little graduate and some fun!

Little Livielou graduated from Preschool! Her teacher went all out with them performing songs, gave away little diplomas and even had a video to show. Livie was very excited and proud of herself! And poor me.....crying like a baby during the sideshow. They put in one of those sad songs about how your kids grow up so fast and they can leave their fingerprints on the wall! Hello waterworks! No fun.....but Liv is so excited to ride the bus in the fall and be a big kindergartner! Me, not so much.

Today (Memorial Day) also happened to be my mom in laws birthday so it was a day spent at Park City! One of my favorite places! The kids got a kick out of the Alpine Slide (everyone got to go, even little Bos) they were afraid of slamming into a groundhog because I told them they live under the they have a Alpine Coaster now.....that was GREAT! Tons of pics to follow.....
I love Liv's cheese it smile! Aren't they cute?!

Gold girls

This just makes me smile...

I love this picture!

Boston picked up on some chick and was riding in the plane when we got done on the coaster! What a flirt! He likes the older ladies!

I look somewhat possessed in this pic...kinda creepy!

So we were at Park City by 12:00 and didn't make it home til 9:00 and we are whipped. Yet here I am blogging about it! :) Hope you all had a fun holiday weekend!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

So much has been going on in life, I can't even keep up! This is a post full of what has been going on the last....ohhhh....nine days! Livie had a fun field trip to Cold Springs Trout Farm. Sally and I weren't to big on getting the fish the kids caught off the hook, so there was much begging and pleading for someone to do the dirty work for us! lol.....Robyn just got right in there and yanked those suckers off......while I almost threw up. Very entertaining. Liv loved fishing and thankfully does not posess the same disgust for trout as her mother does. Boston on the other hand is a different story. He freaked out. Maybe because the fish were flopping for their lives on the grass, forgotten about by all the four year olds. Pretty funny.

Hannah had a
talent show at school and showed off how well she plays the piano. Did I mention she HATES taking piano. A very huge battle in our household that she will never win. Brad and I have both decided, the kids play no matter what! So she did awesome and won an award for achievement in art, which she was very proud of because she loves to draw. Great work Hannah! We love you and are so proud of you! As you can see there are no pictures of her actually at the piano, they didn't turn out :( Thanks for grandmas with really expensive, nice cameras that took great pics.....hint hint!

The "Bos Man has been busy too......busy getting into
trouble! Man, boys are sooo different than girls. I can't keep up with the kid. The girls went to Grandpa Gold's to plant flowers in his garden so that left me and Boston. I thought what a great time to teach him to clean. A very important and valuable quality to have, his wife will on day thank me. The next day however, he decided to turn himself into a smurf!

Hannah also played in her last soccer game of the season. Even though she is a whole head shorter than all the other girls on her team, she stuck it out and had a great time playing! It has been alot of fun to watch her play and actually enjoy it!

and here I am at the end of it all. Yep, this is the look of a very worn out mother who desperately needs some TLC....preferably in Hawaii.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful mom!

For my mom who is one of the greatest people that I know. If you don't know her, I'm sorry.....your missing out! If you have the wonderful privilege of knowing her, having ever met her, or wanting to meet her....consider yourself very lucky....I know I do! I love you mom and hope you have an amazing Mother's Day because you deserve it.