Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Let the organizing begin!

With Spring just around the corner I thought it would be nice to get my house organized.  If your like me I start in one place and find myself getting lost in another place and before you know it I am trying to organize three places at once and eventually getting completely overwhelmed so I give up.  Sound familiar?

I stumbled upon one of those blogs that you can't stop looking at and realize after a while that you've been on that same blog for over an hour?!  She breaks down the organization process in 21 days!  For me it seems like this is what will work for me!  Are you going to take the challenge?


Join the Challenge (at any time)
Day 1 - Junk Drawer
Day 2 - Computer Desk
Day 3 - Tupperware Cabinet
Day 4 - Linen Closet
Day 5 - Under kitchen sink
Day 6 - Dresser Drawers
Day 7 - The Pantry
Day 8 - Coat Closet
Day 9 - Toy organization
Day 10 - Laundry Room
Day 11 - The Freezer
Day 12 - Spice Cabinet
Day 13 - Medicine Cabinet
Day 14 - Under bathroom sink
Day 15 - Medicine/Vitamin Storage
Day 16 - The Fridge
Day 17 - The Mail
Day 18 - Keepsakes
Day 19 - Master Closet
Day 20 - Photos
Day 21 - You pick!

Make sure to visit her blog and check out before and after pics of her organizing!

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Master Bedroom

I am really wanting to redo rooms in my house and I'm thinking of starting with the Master bedroom!
It's one of the most important rooms in the home, it's where you go to unwind and relax from the craziness of life so it's seem only appropriate!
So I took to one of my best friends....Pintrest!

Here are some adorable things I found...

I am just in love with the color scheme.  I have been stuck in the same old....burgundy, brown and blah!
This would be a much different, but needed change for us!

This flower is actually made out of toilet paper rolls....really?!

Here is the link to my Master Bedroom Pintrest page if your intrested!

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

I Have Creative Juices Feature...Rainbow Birthday Party!

I have started up the Let Your Creative Juices Flow Tuesday linky party again!  Every Tuesday come and link up what you have been working on....I would love to see!

Check out this super cute birthday party idea that Kyra from  Racks and Mooby came up with!

With two birthday parties coming up in the very near future, this is definitely going in my archive!
A big thanks to those who linked up!

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Operation...Get Healthy!

Operation Get Healthy!
Have you ever just sat and thought...I need to lose weight...I feel so tired...I feel awful...yeah, me too.  ALL THE TIME.  So often in fact that I had a mini breakthrough and went a bit nuts throwing out all junk and crap and replacing with uber healthy stuff!  Here are some of the things I'm digging...

The Green Monster

Cucumber and Avocado Caprese Salad
(mmmmm...lunch today!)

Kiwi dipped in dark chocolate
(really helps when you need a little chocolate fix.  Just make sure to limit yourself to two :)

The Biggest Loser Oatmeal Pancakes
(made with cottage cheese and so good for you!  Just beware, the texture is a bit weird at first.  They don't seem cooked through, but they are)

Cliff and Luna Bars
These "Oh soooo good" Cliff Bars and Luna Bars can be found pretty much anywhere.  This White Chocolate Macadamia Nut and Chocolate dipped coconut are my favorites!

Find all the recipes at my Operation Get Healthy pin board and find a few more ideas!
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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mom's Randsom Rubbage Box!

I found this great idea off of Pintrest!
I thought I had pinned it, but I guess not and I can't find it.  If anyone knows please comment to me so I can give credit where it's due :)  All I know is it was some super cute mom with lots of great ideas!

I do something similar to "the box" at my house. I put the items in a box when they are just laying around the house and if they want something out of it they have to pay me .25 cents out of their allowance money to get it back.

I thought this idea was more creative and made it fun! I made up some prints with items that I am constantly confiscating around our house!

If you would like to use these same prints just right click and save!

Here are the slips to put in the envelope. Read through them as there are some you may want to change to fit your families needs.

Clean out car
Clean out pantry
Pull weeds in back yard for 10 minutes
Pull weeds in front yard for 10 minutes
Rub dad’s feet for 10 minutes and do, ‘this little piggy’ to him.
Clean a sibling’s room
Wipe down kitchen bathroom toilet
Clean a bathroom mirror while singing any song.
Clean out silverware drawer
Wipe down outside of fridge and have a treat afterwards.
You are free but this is a WARNING!
Vacuum garage floor mats
Scrub upstairs bathtub
Give mom and dad a hug and say, “I will never leave my stuff out again.”
Wipe down walls by garage door
Wipe down garage door inside and out
Empty all garbage’s
Write a letter to someone who has done a service for you and tell them thank you.
Dust the plant in the kitchen bathroom
Fold 10 pairs of socks
Rub dad’s head for 10 minutes while telling him how thankful you are for him working so hard.
Rub mom’s head for 10 minutes while telling her how thankful you are she sweeps 200 times a day.
Sweep front porch and ride your bike around the block.
Watch siblings for 15 minutes
Clean out junk drawer
Dust living room
Clean front glass door
You are free but this is a WARNING!
You are free but this is a WARNING!
Tell all of your siblings 3 things you love about them.
Write 50 times “I will not leave my things out.”
Do 25 jumping jacks while singing, “I am a cleaning machine.”
Run around the house for 1 minute and see how many things you can pick up and put away.
Clean off the dining room table with glass cleaner.
Draw a picture of you picking up things and your mom and dad smiling BIG!
Make up a song about a clean house and perform it in front of your family.
Make your bed blindfolded.
Clean out a heater vent.
Do research on the computer about how to clean with baking soda.
While hopping on one foot, wipe the kitchen counters off.
Choose 2 items of yours to donate to Goodwill.
Vacuum the office.
Scrub an air vent with a toothbrush.
Hand wash 3 dishes
Scrub your toilet while singing, ‘whistle while you work’.
Pick up backyard, do a flip on the trampoline and beg your mother for forgiveness.
Sweep back patio
Design a machine on paper that cleans the whole house and gets you ready for the day.
Water the trees in the front yard.
Tell us the story, ‘The Little Red Hen.”
Organize mom and dad’s shoes.
Vacuum one set of stairs

We have been doing this for a week now and it's working fabulously :) 
NightOwlCraftingCreations by Kara

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's baaaack.....Let Your Creative Juices Flow Linky Party!

Here we go...it's time to start up the
Let Your Creative Tuesday Juices Flow linky party!
I'm so excited to see what you all have been working on!

I will feature some of the things that caught my eye on Friday so link up!

Here are a few rules that I'm sure you have memorized now from blogland...

* Include the name of your blog and a short description of what your linking up.

*Go ahead and link up as many projects as you'd like.

* Grab the party button below so everyone can come party and get in on the fun (it's the nice thing to do).

* Please no links to Etsy shops or online stores.

* And last, but certainly not least, it always feels good to see that others enjoy your stuff, so please leave a comment with the two people who posted before you :)

sorry about the mix up earlier with the linky....I don't know why it wasn't showing pictures!  Please link up again :)

These Creative Juices

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Free LDS Prints!

I sure hope you enjoy these prints as much as I enjoyed making them!  It's so fun and a bit addicting....I have to limit myself :)
I got the idea from seeing one that looked like the I am a Child of God print and from there my mind when crazy...
I already have mine sent to be printed and can't wait to get them up in my kids rooms!  They do have a white border around the edge so just click on the picture to see it in full.
Just right click and save.  Enjoy!

Keeping It SimpleSumo's Sweet Stuff

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Back to Couponing

I use to be a pretty avid couponer.  Meaning I would make it to the store the day the ads came out and push my way through lady after lady trying to get my 3 or 4 items....those were the days :)  lol... 
I am by no means a pro couponer, so far from it when you see these crazy people on tv buying up the stores and only paying 5 bucks, (that is so another post) but it is an awful lot of fun to save money.  My best shopping trip yet was at Smith's.  My total was around $81.00 and it came out to .02 cents!  Crazy!  I'm thinking that may never happen again.  So in an effort to get my butt back to couponing I am introducing you to the sites that helped me get the ball rolling on saving some money...

Common Sense With MoneyBecome FabuLESSly Frugal and learn how to coupon!

A wonderful site full of codes for % off and free shipping etc...

$5 Dinners

The majority of these sites have posts and/or videos on couponing and how to get started.  Have fun looking around and let me know what you think!
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