Tuesday, April 6, 2010

100 Points for me? Why thank you.

Would you love 100 points added to your Disney Movie Rewards?

Type in these codes and you'll get em!

Enter Popular to get 10 FREE Points

Enter Partners to get 15 FREE Points

Enter Wildflower to get 20 FREE Points

Enter Online to get 25 FREE Points

Enter Green to get 30 FREE Points

And check out the post below for the cutest playhouse!


Rachel said...

Thanks for the codes!!
I kid you not I was just on my Disney account looking at my codes when your post popped up in google!


Chantel and Michael Magistro said...

Yay! Thanks for the codes! I just made an account, and I'm so excited about this!

Melanie said...

Thanks...How do you find this stuff out? I have almost 2000 points and I can't bring myself to get anything because I want to save for something but I don't know what.