Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hi. It's me. It's been awhile.

Let's just start off by saying......1. I'm not even sure how to do this anymore and 2. I seriously doubt anyone is even following anymore :(

All I can say is Life Happens.  You have surgery, husband has surgery, you have a baby, baby has surgery, you start to have knee problems and should have knee surgery but you are SO DANG SICK of the word surgery!  Not to mention the bills :)  Fun times.  Fun times.

So.....if you are still lingering about I would love to hear from you.  Just a simple hi, I'm here comment would do my heart some good.

Moving on from my apologizes for being the suckiest (yep, I just made that a word) blogger to ever exist! lol
I'm just gonna dive in with something I know and love, Pinterest.  And share with you some of my favorite things I have seen on this beautiful, genius of a website.

I'm loving this ping pong ball pendant light.  Possibly for the office hanging above my desk.

Anyone else as obsessed with fonts?  I have hundreds.  I love how this gives you an idea of combos.

I think these colors together are AWESOME!

Now that school is back is session I know my kids would just love these for an after school snack!

My son would DIE.  He is obsessed with all things superhero, especially Iron Man (so we would have to figure that one out)

So there you have it.  A few of my Pinteresobsessed things :)