Friday, March 16, 2012

Wall art made out of toilet paper rolls....really?!

I think my family thought I was crazy when I told them if they saw an empty toilet paper roll to please save it for me.  I know this because the only one who brought me the rolls was my 7 year old.  She would carry one into me and say "Mom.  Whatever your doing with these it's gonna be awesome!"  It turned into a game for her and she would ask her siblings if they needed to go to the bathroom because there was only a tiny bit of toilet paper on the roll to be used up and then she could give one to love that girl!

Ok, so here's what I have been up to after saving all these rolls for over 3 months now...

1. Gather supplies (toilet paper rolls, clothespins, glue gun)
2.  Smash rolls

3.  Once you have all the rolls smashed cut them into equal pieces.  I ended up getting about 6 pieces.  You will need 5 per flower.  So one roll will make one flower.
4.  Start to glue the petals together.

5.  Finished flowers


6.  Start to take the flower and arrange and glue them together to your liking.  I like clothes pinning them even though it was hot glue.  That way I wouldn't have to sit and hold it until it cooled down.
7.  If you have single pieces left over glue them wherever you would like.

 And there you have it.  Some fun wall art.  You could definitely paint these to match any room. 

Here are some other examples of peoples wall art using toilet paper rolls...

The hardest part is knowing when to stop gluing :)

Also, in case you didn't notice I am in the process of a blog redo.  I still need to add in a navigation bar and redo my buttons so please bear with me :) 
Have fun and have a great weekend!
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Melanie said...

So creative. Love that you had to save the toilet paper like that. Your kids crack me up. At least they change it. My kids don't even do that. They would just let it sit until I change it. (maybe because I live with mostly boys and I think boys have something in their genes that don't know how to do it)

Hannah said...

wow! It turned out really cute! I have been wanting to make some, but I didn't know if it would turn out pretty stinky or not! i think I will start saving my toilet paper rolls now!

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Hani@Craftionary said...

thanks for linking up at friday fun party.