Thursday, March 8, 2012

Operation.....Get Organized!

Have you all been doing the 21 Day Organizing Challenge?
I actually have!  What?  It honestly has been kind of fun....I admit I'm not doing them in order.

My first tackle was my office closet.  And guess what?  I didn't even take before pictures.  Totally forgot.
But here is the after...

I like to label everything very specificly because I have kids and this lessens the "MOM!  Where's the scissors?  Where's the markers?  Where's the".....ahhhhhh
And no, it's not all matchy matchy which does really bother me, but hey, you use what ya got right?!

Here is our hall closet.  So in depletion mode right now.  (Costco trip tonight :)

I have all sheets and pillow cases in the plastic thing, gloves and scarves in the crate and snow pants and boots in the blue bin.  Nope, they are not up and put away because we live in the craziest weather state in the country.  65 one day and the next full out blizzard and 25 degrees.

Next up....the Master Closet....should be scary.  And I won't forget to take a before picture :)
Happy Thursday everyone!

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Melanie said...

Look at you go...I'm super impressed Beckie. Ready to come tackle my house next?