Friday, March 2, 2012

March Photo A Day Challenge

Holy crap!  Where did February go?  Seriously.  Life is just whipping by too fast for my liking.
Noticing today that is actually March 2 made me realize that I haven't posted the 
March Photo A Day Challenge bad (takin it back to the 90's :)
And if I really think about it...There are are good chunk of pictures from the end of February that I didn't get around to posting.  Whoopsie.

Well, I'll be back later to post those pics and also show you my progress with the 21 Day Organizing Challenge.  I gotta get my Zumba on (I've lost 10lbs peeps!)

and I thought I would throw this in, that Dr. Seuss is a wise wise man... :)
Happy Dr. Seuss day!

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Chris said...

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