Monday, March 26, 2012

April Fool's Day Ideas

I honestly hate April Fools Day.  I spend the entire day on pins and needles and I find it very stressful.  Constantly watching my back and questioning everything!  Last year my younger brother thought it would be funny to list our dog for sale on the internet!  He put our house number and cell numbers down and we got calls ALL DAY LONG!  So annoying!  Don't get me wrong....I like to play pranks on people, I just don't care for them done on me :)  So if your into April Fools here are some tips and tricks for you!

Try not to have too much fun!
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Melanie said...

I can't believe your brother would do that to you...that's a little far. Hilarious though. My kids kept telling me all week they were going to get me. They did hide my pillows around the house and it took me a while to find them. I stuffed paper in their shoes so when they went to put them on in the morning they couldn't get them on...that was funny. I like the fun harmless jokes like that to my kids. I better start thinking cause it is coming up soon!!!

SusieQTpies said...

Love your post! I just gave you a pin on Pinterest and following you!