Thursday, February 9, 2012

February photo a day challenge catch up :)

I haven't forgot about the challenge.  I have been taking my pictures, I've just been too busy to post them until now....enjoy!

So I admit.  I cheated.  I forgot to take a random picture of a stranger the other day so here is still a random stranger (his name was Taco), but from a few years ago in Mexico :)

Pintrest {love}

What can I say?  Simple and easy.

Yes, these are the button that are to my name....all.
  I just really don't like buttons.  I would rather just by a new shirt or pants than sit and sew one

Again....I cheated.  But it's because I just love, love, love this picture (I did take this BTW).  It reminds me of living in San Diego.

Pretty blah.

I would love to see what kind of pictures you are taking.  So if you would like, link up :)

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LJE said...

I have been trying to take daily photos too but I have to catch up on a few days.