Thursday, February 16, 2012

Feb Photos 10-16

Yes that is a cutout of edward.  A gift from my husband (trying to be funny) on my birthday.  He hangs out in the office!

This little one has had a few hiccups in his short little 7 weeks here, but I love him to death.

I promise I didn't straighten beforehand.  Strangely enough, it was clean.  It never is.  Weird.

Me in the midst of a head cold.  Hence feeling blue.

My hubby's Valentine card.

I have the world's most getto cellphone so here is my house phone.  Which, (if you notice) has no makeup on the buttons because I hate to talk on the phone (unless your my mom :)

A sweet gift given to my by the hub's last night...awwww

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BryceandSally said...

Love seeing your pictures!! Hudson has changed so much since I saw him last, little cutie!!