Sunday, February 12, 2012

Blog Revamp

What a weekend!  I have been extremely busy and I added to that craziness by deciding to do a blog revamp....dumb idea!  I forgot how long the little things can take i.e. blog buttons, blog rolls etc.  I would love to know what my readers think of the new can be honest (you won't hurt my feelings)  I just wanted a more simplified look.  It seemed kind of cluttered to me.  This is why you will see that the fabulous blogs that were to the left are now on their own blog roll page with their button to link you to that blog.  Any blogs that hadn't been update in longer than 6 months I deleted.  If there was a specific blog that you want the URL to and you no longer see it here, let me know and I can get it to you!

Also, I added blog button agains and I am looking forward to starting up the "Letting Your Tuesday Juices Flow" linky party this Tuesday!  So get your ideas ready!

If any of you would like to know tips or tricks on how to spice up your blog let me know and I will either do a post or email you directly the places that I go to get my information.  It really is easy and can get rather addicting!

Thanks so much for the blog support!!!

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