Sunday, October 12, 2008

We're back.....

Yes I am blogging from Florida! I'm sitting in our hotel room because we couldn't get a flight out today. Our vacation has ended and I am quite anxious to get back and see my kids...boy how we've missed them! Our trip was wonderful! Sad to know that it snowed....we are going from 90's to 40's....YIPPIE! As for the cruise, CRUISIN LIFE IS THE ONLY WAY TO GO!!! We are going to play a Disney Cruise in the next couple of years. I'll post pics when we get home tomorrow! Missed you all and can't wait to talk and blog to you!


lesliewentz said...

glad you made it off of the boat and can't wait to see pictures!!!! Make sure you check out my blog! I tagged you! :)

Donahue Family said...

Glad you had fun!
I'll NEVER be able to do HALF the things your family does, so its nice to see it through your experiences!!
Cant wait for pictures!!