Friday, October 17, 2008

I've been tagged!

1. I absolutely LOVE horror movies. The scarier the better...weird I know. And for some reason they seem less scary if you hold a blanket just below your eyes!

2. I hate moths sooooo much. They are demented, evil butterflies. And we get them a lot out here where we live.

3. If all there was left to eat on this earth were extra cheddar goldfish and tomato soup, I would die a happy woman!

4. I still watch reruns of Saved by the Bell!!! lol

5. I read stupid celebrity gossip favorite day is Friday because they are all new on the shelf. My hubby goes and gets me like 5 almost every Friday! What a guy!

6. Couponing has become so addicting... I love it so much! I am having a lady come for one of my Enrichment's (November 5th 7:00pm) be there!

7. I want two more kids...aaahhhhhhhh.....crazy I know. The thought of not having another makes me wanna cry, that's how I know we are not done. I'm not announcing anything either so calm down! lol

Now I tag: Mom, Jeana, Mindy, Heather, Kahra, Rachel, and Jen!


HeaddaMarie said...

CJ hates moths too! If we leave our porch light on we get tons!! And he freaks out saying the butterflies are going to eat him! lol

Brad and Kathy said...

What the heck!!!! What is a tag?
Love Mom

Julie said...

You are so awesome. I don't know if you remember me but your mom was my old yw's president a long time ago and I was in your mom and dad's ward until they split the ward. Any way I found your blog off of Ashley Furniss (Pace)blog and I hope you don't mind me coming here.

Let's just say I'm the girl who almost got stuck on Antelope Island. Don't know if your mom told you about that one. ;) but any way your family is beautiful.