Saturday, October 25, 2008


The much anticipated movie has arrived. Last night me and the girls and Aunt Jeana went to see High School Musical 3. The girls were bouncing off the walls, they won't even go to sleep on Thursday night for fear that they would sleep through the movie time! Kids! I was so cute to see Hannah and Liv's faces when Troy or Corbin would come onscreen. They would get these little shy smiles.....young cute! It was a lot of fun and a really great movie! I don't know why, but Hannah looks terrified in the one picture! lol


Adam said...

Are they wearing High School Musical shirts? LOL!! Hannah looks like Beckie only she's not wearing NKOTB stuff! Lil too obsessed! Cute though.

Brad and Kathy said...

I'm so glad you all had so much fun!!! What a good aunt and mom for taking the girls to see that movie. I guess I should have been a better grandmother and went. Next time. lol Love Mom

Jana Eddington said...

oh, how cute and fun! It's times like that I miss Cambry so much more! :( So cute though and I heard it was way cute, what was your opinion? :)

Donahue Family said...

Tell me about it!!
I am bustin out!!
Coupons rock.
I bet it was fun hangin out with the kiddos watchin a cool girly movie. I will NEVER get to do that. booohoooo. I need a girl. :)
Love ya.

HeaddaMarie said...

I love those teeny bopper movies..yes, I do...I admit to it. And now that I have a daughter I will have a good excuse for watching them! hehehehe