Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Valentine Decor...or lack thereof

My Valentine decor...
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I don't think I will ever change my Valentine filler for these jars! I just love em too much! Go here to see the post on how to make some for yourself!
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I know, I know. These are EVERYWHERE. I have never made some of my own and now I'm so in love with them that I'm making them in all sorts of colors for every holiday! Crazy felt lady! My daughters favorite part is helping fold and staple the ends. If you would like to see a tutorial on how to do these, leave me a comment and let me know!
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These are heart picks that I found at (you guessed it) Hobby Lobby. Super cheap too. Like $1 for a bag with 4 in it!
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Not too much Valentine decor going on in my house....slowly, very slowly. There are a few more things around, but I'm sick of taking pictures :)
Have a fabulous day everyone!


Rebecca @ My Girlish Whims said...

I'd love to see a tutorial of the felt balls. They look super cute!

and there is never such thing as too much felt :)

Leslie said...

I have been dying to make the felt balls! Hopefully I will have time this weekend! I think your decor is super cute!