Monday, February 14, 2011


I greatly dislike Valentine's Day.

(come by later tonight for the linky party and my very first super exciting giveaway info!)

p.s. does anyone know what's going on with some of the blog buttons out there? My linky party button is all funky and weird and I have done nothing to I am sure who ever has this button on their blog, it's not appearing with my graphics. I will try and figure it out asap. If any of you know what is going on please let me know what I can do to fix it....thanks!

2 comments: said...

I have noticed that some of the buttons I have been posting on my page are there and then a few days later all that is left is the photobucket photo not available pic. Which is weird, unless everyone is redoing their buttons at the same time lol..

Hope you get it all straightened out.

amy@flexibledreams said...

Your button looks fine on my blog but I have noticed some problems with photobucket images lately. It seems as though people are running out of free space. I'd check your account and just make sure!