Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Things that annoy me

Sorry. I feel a slight need to vent or rather allow some insight (because I really am in a good mood), but let you know a little more about me and what drives me boonkers. Sometimes it just feels good to let it out.....ya know? so....

- Empty toilet paper rolls....still on the roll! Arrrggghhh...I mean, take the time to put a new roll on while your SITTING there. What else do you have to do?

- Words like ointment, moist, artsyfartsin, yogurt, crisp :) make me cringe. And my family feels the need to use these words as much as possible.

- Drivers that don't use their blinker....can't read your mind people!

- Texting. I just DON'T get it. In the time it takes to text a conversation among two people, you could have called them and been done a lot sooner.

- Previews before movies. Don't really know why. I either paid for or rented the movie and would just like to get to it.

- When your standing in a really long grocery line and a new line opens up and the person behind you goes for the new line. Really? It's just rude don't you think. Next in line people, next in line should go first.

- Women food hoarders. I say women because my shopping experience has only involved them. I get that it's a good deal and you want to feed your family and all, but are you seriously going to use all 50 boxes of granola bars in the next month and a half before they go on sale again? It's called Coupon Common Courtesy :)

- Blue Tooths. I get the need for them, but when your out in public and someone is walking towards you and talking and you can't see the black thing shoved in their ear, naturally you assume they are talking to you. So you try to talk back and realize they aren't talking to you and they give you this "what is your problem" look and you feel like a total idiot and want to crawl under a hole and die. Not that this has happen to me, I'm just sayin....that's what I've heard. lol

- Weird products to buy on tv or anywhere for that matter. Sorry to anyone who may have purchased these things.
chia pet
shake weight
aqua globes

So I'm done. Rambling about my daily "drive me nuts' "! Thanks for listening. I am curious about yours. So please leave a comment and let it be know :)


Rachel said...

I am laughing out loud on the texting bit, I don't text it takes me far too long and frankly if I have something to say to someone, I'll call ya!


Love the list and you will be happy to know I do not own ANY of the Seen on TV products. NOT A ONE! :)

VKT said...


I am so with you on your list. I just don't get texting! It drives my daughter crazy that I won't text her back. People who don't use their turn signal....grrrrrrrrr

Great job!

Melanie said...

I totally agree with you especially on food hoarders. I hate when you go and you are only going to buy one or two of something and they are all gone---to the core!!! I really am with you on the empty toilet paper rolls too. Really---we women need toilet paper every time!!! I do like previews but only in the movie theaters not when I rent them so sorry about that one---blue toothers really get me too!!! so funny!

Sarah said...

I am bored and randomly browzing through blogs when I came across this one.

I would just like to say that this list made me laugh and definitely interested me.

I work at a restaurant and when someone comes up to the register talking out loud i listen and try to figure out what they are saying to me. unfortunately they have one of those dumb bluetooth things and aren't even paying attention. drive me crazy.

I also agree with the blinker and the waiting in line part. However i am guilty of texting. Sometimes i just don't feel like using my voice lol.

Thanks for the entertainment and thoughts. Sometimes its good to get things out.

brett said...

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Katie said...

The blinker thing I agree with, Me and my friend got in a wreck like a month ago, because the person infront of us didnt use their blinker to let us know they were turning. We SLAMMED on our breaks and the people behind us were speeding and had NO time to stop so therefore they ran into the back of my friends car. yeah. People. Gotta go that speed limit and use the blinker, there's a reason cars have it. USE IT PEOPLE!!. :)

The whole texting part.. yeah, I text!! :)

luvtodecorate said...

ointment! lol..I couldnt help but laugh at that..luv your blog! Im a new friend.