Wednesday, March 24, 2010

April Fool's....I dread this day!

I HATE April Fool's Day. Mainly for the fact that I grew up with three brothers. And to them, once a week was April Fool's. They did it all. Toothpaste in place of the Oreo center, plastic wrap on the toilet seat, bugs in the name it, they most likely did it. And even though three out of the four of us kids are out of the house and married, the pranks still keep coming. I have nightmares....seriously! Once my little brother pretended that he had cut off his finger. I mean this was TOO real. My other brother was frantic and was about to call 911 until Jake shouted "April Fool's". It's wrong, just wrong.

So with that being are some great pranks to play on the most stressful, unfunny, almost to the point of crying, day of the year!

This yummy looking Chicken Pot Pie is actually pudding with Starburst thrown in as the veggies!

Butter-cream frosting spaghetti, chocolate malt balls for the meatballs and strawberry sauce!

These are meatloaf cupcakes with mashed potato CUTE!

Angel food cake with frosting in the middle looks an awful lot like grilled cheese!

Head on over here for the recipes for these fun dishes.

Here are some other fun April's Fool's Day pranks!!!
- Set the alarm clock for your spouse or kids for 2:00 a.m

- Put salt on the families toothbrushes!

- Put a rubber band around the spray nozzel on the sink.

- Add food coloring to the liquid soap in the bathroom

- Sneak into the victims car and move the mirrors, turn on the blinker, wipers, hazards etc...

- Glue the loose end of the toilet paper roll to the roll so the person can't find it!

- While your kids are sound, sound asleep....carry them into different beds!

- Put Orajel on your hubby's toothbrush :)

- Coat a bar of soap with clear nail polish. They will go CRAZY trying to get a lather.

- Put a small piece of plastic wrap over things. Shampoo bottle, ketchup...anything.

So much fun! NOT! :)


Donahue Family said...

lol Beckie!! You make me laugh! Those are GREAT ideas. I'll be trying a few for sure!

Mrs A. said...

You are sooooo wicked!!!!

Lissa said...

Awesome! I was sooo tricked by the meatloaf and mashed potato cupcakes. I am so doing that! Thanks!

Samantha said...

WOW!!! You are almost MEAN!!! LOL!! :)

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

What a fun post!! Except for the "brothers and their pranks" part. Ha!! You're one brave little sister!
Thanks for sharing the (fun) ideas.

Shayna Mills said...

Hey there, a new follower from New Friend Friday, glad I found you, hope you can stop by sometime.
I too posted some April Fool's prank ideas, for my hubby, I listed our car for sale on craigslist for really cheap and gave his cell number, he got calls all day and night, it was awesome! Love these ideas.