Monday, March 29, 2010

Eggcelent ideas! (sorry I just had to)

Here are some other great ideas, other than sticking them in dye, to spice up your Easter eggs!

Paper punch outs of butterflies or flower are super easy to do!

This bird is just cut out of a magazine along with other images and decoupaged onto the egg.

Cut out any images from decorative scrapbook paper and decoupage on.
So cute!

You know when you buy a big scrapbook paper pack and at the front are cutouts? That's what was used here and I love it!

Pearlized eggs are super easy just by buying a couple of different pearlized acrylic paints and sponging them onto the egg. So pretty.

These cool eggs are made by soaking embroidery floss or sewing thread in liquid starch. Soak each thread separately and when pulling out of the water, run the thread through your finger and thumb to remove any excess water. Then place them over a small balloon and let dry. When dry pop the balloon.

These are my absolute favorite. They are just hand painted and AdOrAbLE!

Hopefully these help with your decorating ideas!

FYI: I will be doing On the Menu Monday a little bit later!

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