Saturday, February 6, 2010

Only 1 day left!

Alrighty folks...
Only 1 day left to enter my giveaway here!

I will be back posting on Monday....we have had the week of all weeks here at my house!
My daughter turned eight, had a huge party, another big family party and she got baptized! Mom is WORN out and in desperate need of a DP, but I'm remaining strong and settling for a Diet blogging will be back to a steady flow, I'm going to set a goal and post every other day. I don't know how you bloggers out there can post EVERY day (I'm envious)....It takes a lot out of me just to come up with what I do :) Thanks to the followers of my little blog....your FABULOUS!


Jen said...

No your Fabulous!!! The best ever!

Chelsea Wallis said...

MAN....I REALLY REALLY REALLY wish you were with me in YW now. I dont have one creative bone in my body but all your ideas are great. I could also use all the deals you get. I may have to steal some ideas for some future activity!