Saturday, September 20, 2008

This weeks shopping was a success again! Yippie...I can't find my receipt, but I do know I only spent $16.00 and saved $55.00! It's like an addiction....but a good one!

Also here is a way cute picture of me and the hubby. He has been so amazingly helpful with my craziness of Quilted Bear, letting me go out with friends or my mom to get a break, and dealing with me and all my parties I throw. Thanks hon for putting up with it all! I love you!(Pay no attention to the fattiness under my chin and the fact that Brad hasn't shaved, a big fight between the two of us


Awesomeness said...

ok Beckie-
I am still waiting to hear how you do this coupong thing. It looks interesting.

And the pic of you and hubby is super cute.
I'm supporting the TRIM IT side of the argument.

HeaddaMarie said...

I have a question...did you get the Apple Juice free? Cause I saw that if you spend the $25 you get it free...but do they go off of the total before coupons or what? How did you get that many canned soups? Did you have other coupons from before? Cause the coupon listed is for .40/4..also about the boxed soup..the coupon is $1/1...i am learning...slowly but surely. I will eventually get the hang of it!

HeaddaMarie said...

Did you go to albertsons or smiths?

BryceandSally said...

It's time to shave! Ha, ha, ha, ha.