Thursday, September 11, 2008

Holiday Word Blocks

So I am finally posting pictures of the blocks I make and sell! Mainly this is for Mindy...what up Mind! I have had alot of trouble with the company that makes my letters, THEY STOPPED MAKING THEM!!! Ahhhhh.....So my booth has been bone dry for like a week! I found a company in China that will make them for me so yeah for China. Anyway, I only have pictures of my seasonal blocks. I also do blocks that say Family, Simplify, Home and Welcome. I will post pics of those when I recieve my letters and get em made. Please let me know what you think of my attempts to be crafty! And if you would like to buy some ( ;) wink, wink) email me and let me know! I also have a booth at The Quilted Bear in Ogden, so go take a look. Thanks all! P.S. Mom your spooky is coming...she helped me one day get all caught up so thats her payment. She said she wanted a spooky!






I also personalize....last names, kids names etc.


HeaddaMarie said...

Those are way cute! Lame that you now have to order the letters from china! Did you ever check with any of the Roberts down here?

lesliewentz said...

Those are so cute!!!! :)

Dont you find these funny? said...

Hey Beck. Thanks for the shout out!
Those are swell. Love em.
I want one that says....MINDY IS THE BEST! lol
But really, I WILL be buying one from you.
FAMILY is what I want. So get on it! Do you do Paypal? :)
Those letters are adorable.
Good on ya!

Adam, Jeana, and Landon said...

Hey Beckie! They are so cute! When you finally get your letters call me!!!! cuz I want a boo, a gobble, and a noel :) and don't worry! I'll even pay full price :) Just might not buy all at once so adam doesn't think he can go out and buy something too :)

BryceandSally said...

Hey Beckie! Super cute! I want a Spooky and Gobble. I don't know your e-mail so heres my order. You should post you bows too, cause I want some of them too!!
let me know when you have time to get them, or e-mail:

JaLesha said...

How cute are they! Good job!! Next time I'm at the mall I'm going to try and find your booth!