Monday, September 22, 2008

Look at me go.....

I just got done with our new page. My eyes were starting to blur staring at the computer screen, but you know when your on to something and you just can't stop. That was me. So tell me what you think. I love figuring stuff out on my own. Like moving the text to center on my header. I was so proud of myself I almost screamed. Then I remembered the sleeping kiddos. I wanted to call up my mom, then looked at the clock 10:45...long gone in la la land was she. So here I sit, basking in my own glory with my own self. How pathetic am I? Now that I know how to do more fun stuff, don't be surprise to see my page change


Adam, Jeana, and Landon said...

very cute beck!! youll have to share your new found knowledge with me :)

lesliewentz said...

LOVE IT!!!!!! You will have to show me how you did it! :)

Mindy said...

So I'm guessing you took a course in HTML coding?!
Good stuff.
I know a few of the basics of that stuff. Not much though. lol
Looks like youa re on a roll!
Good going!
love ya

Kahra said...

You're such a nerd.