Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fun things to do for Easter!

Hello?!  Easter is this Sunday.....when did that happen?  Anyone else think time is just flying by WAY TO FAST?!  Here are a few ideas I have gathered that are super simple and sure to make Easter a fun and happy one.  We are doing the glow in the dark egg hunt for sure!
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Have a good one :)


Linda said...

Thanks for sharing. Linda

Kate said...

I love that "Glow in the Dark" Easter Egg hunt. I've never even been on an ordinary Easter Egg hunt, let alone one at night. I might have to see if I can find one for big kids. :)

But to be honest, we don't really do much to mark Easter. Not unless the Kate and Mum yearly attempt (miserable failure) to make Hot Cross buns counts. Though we got much closer this year; we're now the proud owners of a mixer with a dough hook, which made things a lot easier. But we just lost the will to continue half way through and just made it into a Chinese Round instead. But at least we came up with something edible this time. Apart from that, the only "tradition" we have is trading Mini Eggs for any other Easter chocolate that I'm given. Mum's adamant that it tastes different, but I can't taste the difference. So she always trades me Mini Eggs. :)