Monday, April 2, 2012

Superhero Birthday Party!

Superhero masks using this template.

All items for goodie bags found at Dollar Tree and Target Dollar Spot!

Goodie bags found at Walmart in the party supply section.

The boys absolutely LOVED this game of diffusing the Kryptonite.  I took some aluminum foil and wadded it up into a ball.  Then I sponged on green paint and while that was still wet I sprinkled silver glitter on top of that!

Next up was the Superhero Training Obstacle Course.  The had to jump from a chair to an ottoman, then onto the couch and do a somersault.  From there they entered Spider-man's Web and had to crawl through to the wall cutouts and climb through one then back out through the webs and finally break down the wall of boxes.

Only then did they receive their Superhero Academy Training Certificates.  They each came up with a Superhero name and a power.

Afterwards we played pin Spider-Man on his web.  I just made the web using white yarn.

With a little bit of time left over we opened gifts and then got out all the Superhero toys that my son has accumulated and they played and played and played.

It was a very successful party to say the least!  Now one more party to go and we are good until December!!!

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Mama Jodi said...

What a fun party idea. I bet they had a blast.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

How fun!! Glad it went well.


4 Sisters @ said...

This party is great! We'd love for you to link this, and anything else you want to show off, to our Beautify It Monday link party going on now!

Rachelle said...

Awesome idea! That would be so much fun to do for my little boy :)

heather said...

Love all of this! My two boys would love to do this fun stuff. Thank you so much for posting this. I found you on Not JUST a housewife - linky party. I can dream that my little blog has a following like yours. Lovely work!

Carrie Pasfield said...

Hi! I'm visiting from Design Dazzle. This looks like it was a great party. I bet the kids had a fantastic time. Thanks for sharing!

Ashley said...

I love the Kriptonite game and the obstacle course! So creative! And the training certificates are so cute - such a great party favor idea!