Thursday, April 12, 2012

Be Still

This song has really touched my heart and hope you don't mind that I'm sharing it with you.
I have been listening (and crying) to it all day and hope that it may help and comfort someone like it has for me.
Have a happy day :)


CourtneyKeb said...

I just had such a peaceful, 2 minutes and 48 seconds. Lovely to the last second, thank you for sharing.

Jessica and Donnie said...

I love this song!!! Just what I needed to hear today! Love ya!


Michelle and Jason said...

Thanks for sharing Beckie!!

Melanie said...

Never heard this song before...thanks for sharing Beckie...loved it. I love the Fray. I was so mad when people gave them crap for singing the national anthem at the NCAA championship game and I thought they did an incredible job!!!! This is an awesome song...might have to buy it on itunes if it is is definitely a keeper!!!

Erin said...