Friday, December 31, 2010

Thursday's but it's Friday Feature! :)

Today's blog feature comes from the adorable blog of Jonie at
Just take a look at some of the great things she has done!

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This clock has got to be one of the cutest things I have seen! Wouldn't this make a great wedding or anniversary gift?! Go here to see a full tutorial on how to make one yourself. Jonie also wanted me to point out that this clock was a joint effort done with her good friend Camille who's adorable blog is Rosy Red make sure and check her out as well! Both these ladies are super talented and beyond crafty!

Here are a few more thing from Jonie at Just Between Friends...

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And how about this reverence bag for her little girl! I am in love with the fabric....adorable!

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This necklace went straight to my to do list. So pretty! Jonie got the inpiration to make this from Little Miss Momma.

Thanks so much Jonie for letting me share just some of your fabulous projects!

Take a few minutes and stop by Jonie's blog and give her some blog friend comment love would ya?!

Hope you all have a wonderfully fun and safe New Year's!

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