Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hi there!

Yes, I am still alive. Hope you all had a TERRIFIC Christmas....I know I did!
Sorry I've been MIA. It's the hubby's birthday today!
The Brick Oven for dinner.....I'm stoked!
There is no linky party today. Sorry ladies.
I'm just having to much fun with the no school, no dance, no piano, no YW activities. I'm taking full advantage!
I will be doing a feature tomorrow and on Thursday since my internet was down for a good three days last weekend. So check back tomorrow to see which fabulous blogger I'm talkin about!
Have a great day!


Maria Gridley said...

Hi there, Im a new follower! :) Just wanted to say hi! :) Happy Birthday to your hubby enjoy your day together!! :)

Beckie said...

Hi Maria! Thanks so much for following and for the sweet comment!

Beckie said...
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