Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Wednesday Feature!

Our blog feature for today's is from the oh so sweet Debra at Deja Renew. Don't you just love that name? So cute and clever! Debra does all sorts of revamps on things around here house. I just love looking and things that people have given a new life to. I have really never done anything like that myself (like on big items of scares me to death), but I would really love to try it! Just take a look at some of the things she's done...

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Head on over here to see the full transformation on these tri fold doors.

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Isn't this chair so beautiful and should she the before....amazing!

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Can you guess what Debra used on the base of this lamp? Pretty cool. Go here to see what she used.

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She used that same thing on this dresser.....that's ambition people!
This blog is so fun and full of amazing redo's and renew's that you will love. So mosey on over to Deja Renew and take a look around...I think it will inspire you to give a new life to something sitting around in your house!
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1 comment: said...

OMW!!!! Thank you so much for the kind words and what a great compliment! I am so excited to be featured on your blog. It truly is a feature just for me. YAY!!! I can't wait to tell my followers about it :)

Thanks again Beckie! You rock.