Sunday, September 5, 2010

New project in the works...

Oh happy day that fall is just around the corner, along with my favorite holiday
Is it crazy that I have already started in with the Halloween decor?
It is....isn't it.
Oh well....below is a combo of things I am using for my next project for tomorrow...which I will post along with my linky party on Tuesday.

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I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday. I am looking forward to the cool weather, planting some pansies, shrubs, finishing my twig project and grillin some steaks!

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freckled laundry said...

It was so nice to hear from you, Becky! Thank you for your sweet words. I'm looking forward to seeing what you plan on doing with those bulbs and twigs! And, thank you so much for keeping my button up for so long.

Hope the steak was goo-ood.