Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Birthday Bonanza

With all of my kids birthdays in Feb, March and May (lucky me...didn't plan that one to well) I thought it would be fun to give you some birthday ideas! First up...

The Princess and the Frog party
I found this picture on google images and just placed it on card stock.
Decorations: Decorate with a swamp theme (you would understand if you've seen the movie) lots of trees, alligators etc on the walls or like New Orleans with music notes, Mardi Gras beads, feathers, lots of color.
Games: Play leap over the frog where one child hops over the other and so on. Play kissing frogs, along the same lines as pin the tail on the donkey, but your trying to pin the two frogs lips together!
Food: Have the kids make their own homemade chicken nuggets, sweet potato fries and fruit salad. Princess Tiana is trying to buy her own restaurant after all! Have them be their own little chefs.

Buzz Lightyear party
Invitations: Put things on there like: Mission (who's party), Sector (address),
Launch time (time)
Decorations: Glow in the dark stars, space planets made out of Styrofoam balls hanging from the ceiling, make a rocket out of cardboard boxes. Cover it with tin foil and let the kids decorate.
Games: Space Mission Relay - make an obstacle coarse for the kids to do. Play freeze tag.
Rocket Man - Like Simon says. The leader is the Rocket Man. When they say blast off the other kids run to try and touch him. If he says stop, they have to freeze in place.
Food: Pizza from Pizza Planet!

Webkinz Party
Invitations:(made it in Photoshop)
Decorations: Put every stuffed animal your kid owns out and around
(in my house that's a TON!)
Very colorful balloons, streamers etc. The games will tie into the decor as well.
Games: Make sure to print off kinz cash for all the kids, but the key is they have to win it.
The Wheel of Wow - Have them spin to see if they win a prize or cash
Dr Quack's Clinic - Pin the band aid on the webkinz hurt.
Balloon Pop - Have the kids try to pop the balloons....their may be kinz cash inside.
Arte's Gem Hunt- Hid gems around and have the kids find them. They can either keep them or trade them for kinz cash. Set up a table with little prize that the kids can "buy" with their money.
Food: Hot dogs, potato chips...

Check out some of the parties I have already done for my kids:

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Hopefully this gives you some ideas for your next birthday party!


Kathy said...

I am so glad to see that you are back blogging!!! Way cute are we doing all of them for the upcoming birthday's. I hope so...So fun!!!

Melanie said...

Wish I was a little kid so I could come to the party....looks like some fun ideas....can't wait to plan girl parties instead of mario and sonic and star wars over and over....

Kahra @ Thrifty LaRue said...

Cuteness. Now whip up a monkey-themed party for Grayson. :o)