Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Conversation Hearts

I bought a package of unfinished wood hearts from Hobby Lobby for .99 that came in a package of five. I decided to make them into conversation hearts and put them in the corners of pictures I have sitting around the house!




I painted the hearts a cream color and printed the saying with a cute font. When I printed the words I made sure to mirror them....when you go to print there should be an option for properties, click on that and there should be a tab Advanced and it will be under there. After I cut the words out into stripes and went over the type with a pencil. Carefully tracing. Then I flipped it over onto the heart and scribbled on the back to make the lead come off on the heart. Am I making sense? I should have taken more pics...my bad :) Then I painted with the tiniest of brushes over the words. Inked the edges and there you have it! A simple, super cheap way to add a little love in the home.


Jen said...

Super cute idea! you are always so creative! I don't decorate for v day but this Idea is cute enough I just might have too!!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

What a darling idea!!! I also scrolled down to see your other adorable V-Day decorations! SO CUTE!!!