Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween 2009

Better a little late than never! We had our annual Halloween party at my parents and this was the first year the adults dressed up. The theme for the adults was celebrity couples! We had a great time and ate yummy yummy cheese soup and chilli! I can't believe it's already over!

Look at Hannah's pose....she cracks me up!

Adam and Jeana as Sampson and Delila. What's funny about this is Adam is bald (by choice) and this night his hair was soooo long! And cute little Landon was Spiderman.

My parents as Sunny and Cher....Perfect!

Not much to say about this one. Just that it didn't surprise us coming from Josh.

Brad and I as King Kong and Faye Ray

The kids and grandma and grandpa played don't eat Casper (a fun twist on Don't Eat Pete that we use to play as kids.)

He would much rather eat the frosting then put it on the cookie!

The girls were very concentrated.

I mean seriously, have you seen a cuter 2 year old? He loved just stabbing at the pumpkin. Should I be concerned?

The finished product. Can you believe I actually had to carve them all. Brad was wanting to do a very hard detailed thing and after about an hour and a half I told him he needed to go and get dry ice so I did the Frankenstein on the other side of his pumpkin!

In action

Hope your Halloween was as great as ours!


Rachel said...

What a fun Halloween you had!! My husband and I are such holiday duds, we never dress up for Halloween. Maybe that should be our costume for next year duds!!

Can't wait to see your wreaths!! They really are fun to make!! Don't you just love a good tutorial....


Jen said...

ARe those winter coats they are wearing??? I was so hot on Halloween that I didn't even wear my costume....

Great pictures!