Monday, November 2, 2009

Day 2

Use the alphabet and make a list for which you feel grateful.

A - Air although I wish it was free for your tires)
B - Boston (my son, not the city. Even though he may destroy my lovely home decor, I still love the little monster) and Brad (my hubby. How he's managed to put up with me so long, I will never know. He knows how to make me laugh)
C - They are building a drive through Chick-Fil-A what could be better, also I think we keep crayola in business.
D - The kindest, most humble and funny people, my dad. Dr. Pepper, enough said.
E - electricity
F - I really did lucked out and got the best family and friends...sorry those of you who think you did. You've been told a lie :)
G - My grandparents are wonderful ( above) and the Gospel
H - My oldest daughter Hannah is the smartest, most beautiful, helpful, kindhearted 7 year old I know.
I - Ice from Sonic :)
J - Anyone with the name
K - Kindness (it doesn't get used enough these days)
L - A toy both kids and mom love.....Legos!
M - My best friend (next to my husband of course) my mom who is beautiful, sassy (that's where olivia gets it from and caring , also magic erasers (refer to letter c)
N - wonderful neighbors
O - My five year old Olivia who is sassy, super funny, and loving.
P - One of my favorite shows Project Runway.
Q - Quilted Bear it provides my play money.
R - I just love love love the rain.
S - Semi sweet chocolate, sweats, soap!
T - I've always wanted to be a teacher, and the obvious Twilight :), technology(i soooo wouldn't have lasted on Little House on the Prairie)
U - umbrellas?
V - vitamins?
W - I know someday I will be able to do the weight loss.
X - absolutely NO idea!
Y - yards (even though I don't have one yet)
Z - zzzzzzzzz's


Jen said...

I have the greatest family and friends too. Good thing your my friend! I was thinking about those lightening storms the other day. Remember when I came to visit and we would park and watch them!!! In the red cabri-olet!!! Fun times!

Andy and Robyn said...

I love your list!

Kathy said...

JOHN????? JOHN???? What is this John??? HELO JAKE?!?!? I may only be 2 housr away but i still feel the sting of the pain ;)