Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How many more days until Halloween mom?

With Halloween just around the corner how about some advent calendar ideas. If your kids are anything like mine, from October 1 on it's "How many more sleeps until Halloween?" Hopefully one of these will help!

I love this one!

This one is from Pottery Barn

Go here and learn how to make this one at home!

This one is from Pottery Barn as well (remember: I'm trying to convince the hubs that I NEED it :) Anything you guys can do to help would be great! i.e. comments directed to him, his email and cell phone just kidding. He would kill me!


Kahra @ Thrifty LaRue said...

Wasn't there a knock-off version of the PB one at Quilted Bear? Just tell him you're saving a TON of money by getting there, rather than PB. :o)

Chelton, Melanie, Garrett, Connor & Kylie said...

How darling are these....I honestly have like one halloween decoration. I would love to go all out on halloween but just never seem to have the moolah every year. You always have such cute ideas!!!

Hubby said...

I love you DEAR!!!!

Jana said...

Oh, I would love one of those, Adam keeps asking me if it is tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. Those are cute!!!

An said...

How cute are these? I saw a cute thing at Aunt Addie's today in Farmington. It is a witch and you turn the dials on each side and lets the countdown begin. Not as cute though. Thanks for sharing.

Penelope said...

Cute blog! Thanks for visiting Penelope's Pitstop! Penelope