Monday, September 14, 2009


I'm so ready for Halloween...ok not quite ready, ready. I just wish it was here, like tomorrow :) Here are some fun ideas I found while searching for some new things to do around my house. Later on in the week I will show you my abode all dolled up!

I just love when I see pumpkins like these....I just don't think I would have the patience for it.

Love, love, love simple and adorable! I'm doing them...

If your like me you have some of those decorating twine balls, I plan or replacing those with these for the holidays!

Not a fan of the candles, but I like the spider webs on the mirror. I found this idea on Martha and this is how it was done. Grab some glow in the dark glue and make your web on some parchment paper. Let it dry completely, peel off and it will stick to your mirror!

How cute is this? If only I had $70 to splurge on this....still trying to find a way to convince the hubs :) I'll let you know when (or if) that happens.


Chelton, Melanie, Garrett, Connor & Kylie said...

I wish I was crafty or had time to be crafty...I have absolutely no Halloween decorations. These are some way cute ideas.

Kahra @ Thrifty LaRue said...

I saw a few of these on another blog last week, and I totally saved the picture of the ribbon pumpkins. I want to try them. I also want to spray paint some of them Heirloom White and add ribbons. CUTE!

Jen said...

The day after Halloween Pottery barn kids has everything on sale. So instead of buying it for $70 just wait till after Halloween and have it next year.

I found the cutest things for Pumpkins that the kids can do. Its like Mr. Potato Head pokers, that even Carl can do. Look for them at Kamart.