Monday, September 21, 2009

My Halloween decor...

I thought I would share my Halloween decoration ideas and get you motivated to decorate! I still haven't done these candles (which I really, really want to do) because I've been down and out with some sort of flu.....regular flu, oink flu, I don't know :) Hope you enjoy!

My adorable Scetsy candle and this cute box I found at Swiss Days!
By far these two things are my most expensive Halloween decorations.
candle - $27
box - $29

I love this witch! $12.95 at TaiPan (if you don't have a TaiPan near you, I am so sorry. )

Trick or Treat block set - $14.95 TaiPan
Boo pumpkin - $9.95 Quilted Bear
Spider - $3.95 Quilted Bear

These were flying out the door and me and my mom were determined to get our hands on these!
I think all together they were around $50 at TaiPan. You can also use these on Halloween with candles inside on your doorstep!

I think I got this at Gardner Village. Can't remember how much?

My table centerpiece is my kids favorite! Boston even took a bite out of one of the pumpkins thinking it might possibly be candy....
Happy Haunting sign - made it!
Halloween garland - $11.95 Some cute boutique in the Fashion Place mall

My front door pumpkins (one of my favs)
$11.95 TaiPan

Oh my ladder! Fall decor was $35 at Quilted Bear
Leaves - $1.50 JoAnn's

Maybe this will give some of you ideas or encourage you to get on over to Tai Pan or fly to were there is a Tai Pan :) I would love to see your fall and Halloween decor!!


HeaddaMarie said...

I love Halloween decorations! I like the ladder on your front porch, always have. I need to get one...way cute to decorate for each holiday! I also have the pumpkin scentsy warmer...but my cost was $0!! I have a friend who sells scentsy and I watch her kids on occasion so she bought it for me! Yay!! I need to get up to TaiPan! They have TONS of cute stuff! I also need to go to Quilted Bear...AND I need some of your cute signs!

Matt and Jami said...

Maybe I should just send you money and you can buy some stuff for me and ship it...I sold all of my stuff in Utah thinking I could buy more here, and I cant find crafty stuff anywhere. I miss Tai Pan and Quilted Bear..ARRG! Your decorations look way cute though!

Jen said...

I love all the decorations. BUt how do you keep it around without the kids tearing into it all the time?!

Jeana said...

Love, love, love halloween! Your decor is all so cute! I need to head to tai pan and get some moer :) just don't tell adam :)

Joleen said...

It just perfect Halloween decor stuff!! Trick or treat block set and spider both are looks creepy...

Michelle said...

Tai Pan is great isn't it! i love the little spider from quilted bear!

Heather said...

Very cute! Hopped over from tip Junkie & enjoyed your post. :)

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