Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Smart snacks

I am on a mission to change the way my kids eat. Especially the way they snack. Everyday after school its chocolate chip cookies or fruit roll ups or some other junk. So while searching on Parents.com I found these great ideas and thought I would share...

I actually think my kids would get a kick out of these! And if I let them help make them all the better! I'll let you know how these go down with the little ones....wish me luck :)

All recipies can be found here at www.parents.com


Kahra @ Thrifty LaRue said...

Is that yogurt and bananas on rice cakes? Yummy! And that frozen yogurt lookin' thing looks delish, too. Ooooh, and the fruit. Mmmm....now I'm hungry!

Adam said...

Looks like a ton o work for a snack!! They're gonna be hungry in an hour anyway :) I'm a guy so what do I know! Rock on Beck! I'm comin over after work to try em out!