Friday, June 13, 2008

My kids went Kung Fu on my butt

Today has been a day of practicing karate chops. Boston just laughs and laughs when the girls do the hi-ya sound.

Little did the girls realize they were going with Brad to see Kung Fu Panda. He didn't tell them where they were going until they were buckled in the car ready to go. They were so excited! So was mommy.... a night with just Boston? The two of us hadn't been alone since we were in the hospital after he was born. What were we going to do? We ate some dinner, organized scrapbook paper, played mini basketball. Not too exciting. A one year old likes to just go with the flow. So Brad and the girls got home around 9:00 and I was greeted with a four year old and a six year old going Kung Fu on my butt, as Hannah so eliquently put it!

So to Brad I say thank you for instiling in our children the art of karate chopping according to Kung Fu Panda! Man am I ever in pain!

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HeaddaMarie said...

Don't you just love how when you become a mom you also become a jungle gym? And a someone for them to practice their karate moves on?