Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I have wii elbow?

So I bought Brad a Wii for Father's Day, not a good idea. It's all our little family wants to do. I guess it is better than plopping our butt's on the couch and watching a movie. So I am obsessed with this Wii age thing. It determines your age based on how well you are at things like batting, bowling, tennis. I seems that I am age 72!!! What the crap? My hubby somehow pulled a 44....what gives? I managed last night to drop my age by 20 years, but boy am I paying for it. My right arm hurts so bad I could hardly sleep last night. I worked out muscles that haven't ever been worked before. My mom tells me I have Wii elbow. It is an actual condition doctors have come up with....like blackberry thumb for those who text too much! Too weird. So typing this post is causing me slight pain. I think I will go rest and get the Wii out of my elbow!


HeaddaMarie said...

You are such a crack up!! I am wanting a Wii so bad!! We were at some friends house about a month ago and all the wives were playing the Wii...it was a blast...the next day I was definitely feeling it!! But it is a blast!! So much funner then other video game systems!!

the Maisey's said...

Don't tell Gage that you have one, or you will have adopted a six year old!! He will want to play it at all times. We are thinking about getting one for Christmas this year. You will have to let me know your favorite games!

Nicole said...

Becky, your blog is DARLING! You have such a beautiful family! I do remember you...it's hard to believe it's been so long!