Saturday, June 21, 2008

I love to see the temple.....

So today Brad's sister Rachel got married! And coincidentally her new hubby's name is Ray. Rachel Ray....pretty funny if you ask me. The got married in the Salt Lake Temple and were one of 51 weddings done that day! Isn't that crazy. The people that work in the temple told us on 8-8-08 there are 109! Holy Crap! I'm glad she didn't pick that day. While we were waiting for her to beautify herself, the fam and I colored on the grass and took some way cute pics!

My kids are such hams! I love em!

As hard as we tried we could not get these two to look at us! They were so in their own little world.

While we waited until the reception we went to eat at the Garden Restaurant on top of the Joseph Smith Building. The kids, or should I say Boston, was quite entertained by the fountain. He's such a stud!

At the reception I got way sick and luckily my parents came to see Rach and they took me and Boston home while Brad stayed with the girls. I pro ceded with the rest of the night bonding with the toilet! Not fun! So sorry Ray and Rach.....I wish you two lots of happiness and kids! I'm not having another until you catch up! lol


the Maisey's said...

We had a wedding that day too!! How fun.

HeaddaMarie said...

That's never fun when you don't feel good! You are as gorgeous as ever!! I can't wait to see you next week!! I am so excited!! If the weather is anything like today we will definitely have to go swimming!!! Maybe we could go to Thanksgiving Point and go to the Farm or Dinosaur Musuem!! You have such a cute family!!

Rachel Daniels said...

You're right, we totally were in our own little world. Your blog is very cute!!! Maybe I should try this thing sometime