Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween fun and some great websites!

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Me and the Hubby: Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol and the lady who answers the door. My curlers are fabulous, no?
Oldest daughter: A Hippie
Youngest daughter: A monarch butterfly
Son: Buzz Lightyear

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween! Halloween at our house seems to last for a week. First we dress up for the girls dance class parties, then we dress up for the Trunk-or-Treat and don't forget the Halloween parade at school...and throw in my SIL's baby shower into the mix and a slight case of the "holy cow I'm sick" (me and my son) and last week DID ME IN!

I can't wait to show you bits and pieces of the baby shower, but for now I want you to check this out...
10 meals on $10.00
This time of the year most of us are pinching pennies getting ready for the holiday rush and could use some extra cash. Your food budget is a good place to cut back and save some money!
Also, have you visited this website...
Pinching Your Pennies
This website has a list (go to your state on the right sidebar) of grocery stores and the deals each week. They also tell you which coupons to use out of your Sunday paper to get the best deals!
I LOVE this website and use it all the time!

So have fun checking out these websites and I will be back later tonight with the
Let Your Creative Juices Flow linky party!

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Michele Pacey said...

Love the costumes! My favourites are yours and your husband's! They're just so great and unique. Love that!