Monday, June 7, 2010

Hi! Remember me? Linky party time!

Well I'm back! The pure craziness that was my life the last two week has finally is out, enrichment night done, my girls dance revue over, the yard (a work in progress, hence the lack of pictures to show you :) and birthdays, birthdays, birthdays! Sigh.

In all the craziness I actually forgot a linky party? Really? The last linky was fabulous!!!

But first, I have to tell you something that just made my day.
It comes from my six year old Olivia.

Me: "Liv, I love you."
Livie: "Well Mom, I love you two thousand"
Me: " Well I love you a million billion"
Livie: "Well, well.....I love you twice. And that's the absolute most you can love someone, so there."

I would love to hear in the comments section about a time a little one made you laugh!

Onto the party people!
Here are the rules...

* Link to your specific post, not the main page of your blog.

* Include the name of your blog and a short description of what your linking up.

* Grab the button so everyone can come party and get in on the fun.

* Please no links to Etsy shops or online stores.

* And last, but certainly not least, it always feels good to see that others enjoy your stuff, so please leave a comment with the two people who posted before you :)

P.S. I am guest posting over at 733 so head on over and check out Kim's fabulous blog!!!

Also: If you would like your button featured {FREE} on my left sidebar for a week let me know in your comment!


Meet Virginia said...

Your lil one is too sweet! Thanks so much for hosting!!


Meet Virginia!
Meet Virginia!!
Meet Virginia!!!

Mamarazzi said...

TWICE...very sweet. this is my first time linking up with you. thanks for hosting, you are RAD!

sydney @ sewineededapaycheck said...

Thanks for hosting this. I've read your blog for a bit and am so glad I am finally able to link up!

Kim @ seven thirty three said...

My 2 year old son told me last week: "I have a baby boy in my breasts. He come out drink my milk." Then it switched to he has two baby boys in his nipples. Where do they come up with these things?!?

Thanks again for guest posting today! And I would LOVE to have my button included in your sidebar. ;)

C.R.A.F.T. said...

Thanks for hosting :) I would love my button your sidebar!

Melanie said...

So sad I had to miss Enrichment. Like you we had three birthdays this week and Garrett's baptism next week. We always play the I love you game and they end up saying I love you abungo and that's the end...once you say abungo it's over...whatever abungo is...they crack me up. I had a good time delivering flyers with Hannah. such a sweet girl. Love the yard. By the way...wondering if you still have the undaunted.

elizabeth @ twelvecrafts said...

Love those sweet conversations. I just found you, and now I'm following. I would like, no . . . I would LOVE to have my button featured on your sidebar! :)

Debbie said...

Just found your blog....linked up to your party and became a follower...YAY!

Joy said...

Glad the party is back! Thanks for hosting!