Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Disney Movie Rewards!

Are you a member of Disney Movie Rewards? If not, head on over here to sign up for free and get started! You know those annoying papers that come in the side of your new dvd? Turns out the are not so annoying! The is a code that comes with select Disney movies that you can enter and earn points to redeem for prizes....how great is that?! I posted some of these codes a while back, so if you have used them before they won't work except for the last one...this last code is new and it worked for me!

popular = 10 points
partners = 15 points
wildflower = 20 points
online = 25 points
green = 30 points
FPSNN83JX9 = 25 points

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Happy Tuesday!


Jeana said...

Thanks Beck!! All the codes worked for me :)

Andrea said...

We have been doing that and also just got our first DVD from our rewards codes. Not a recent blockbuster by any stretch, but entertaining enough for free anyway!

KK said...

Thanks! I had not discovered that last code yet!

Melanie said...

I don't know where you keep coming up with these codes but keep them coming....thanks!!! you rock (as usual)