Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Another blog swap today with Joy from Mommas kinda crafty!!! Go check out all the adorable ideas! Take it away Joy!

I am thrilled to be blog swapping with Beckie today! She has a great blog and I enjoy reading all her posts.

I am Joy and creator of Mommaskindacrafty!

I started blogging to have a place to store all the wonderful projects I was finding online. I am amazed at all the talented ladies out there! I also wanted to share some of my projects with my family and friends. I also like to feature projects I am adding to my "to do"list. My blog has slowly been growing and I am so excited to make new friends and meet other bloggers!

I am privileged to be a SAHM to 4 great kids! 3 boys and 1 girl. I have a wonderful husband of almost 15 years! Most of my crafting gets done during naptime while the older 3 are at school. I am so lucky to have such a good little napper! I love to sew and create all kinds of fun things. Mostly things for my kids and stuff for my home. Most of my projects are simple. After all, I'm only kinda crafty!

Here are some of my favorite projects!

Bandanna skirt!

Birthday T-shirts!

Burlap Wreath!

One last project that I just finished.
Altered Clipboard. This one is for a special student teacher who has been in my sons 1st grade class this year. I made all the teachers their teacher appreciation gifts last week, but saved this for her party on Friday. I hope she likes it!

I didn't take many pictures, but these are so easy! Just choose some fun scrapbook paper and cut to fit. I chose to do both sides on this one. I have made others and only done the front for a Menu board, or shopping list board.
Give it a couple coats of mod podge and decorate to your liking! I was working with a 7 yr old on this
one and he wanted her name on it. We compromised with her initial in the bottom corner on the front and #1 Teacher on the back. I added some fun ribbons to the top and added a flower with a button center with hot glue.
There are so many options with this so just have fun! We kept ours simple since I had a good little helper!

There are lots more fun and easy projects over on my blog. I hope you will take the time to come and visit me. I also want to thank Beckie again for swapping with me today!

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