Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bring on 2009

Is it really that time again? Time to make new year resolutions that I stick to for about a sad. So here are mine. I figure posting them and having people read them, I will be more inclined to keep them....longer.

1. Keep my resolutions for longer than a week.

2. Not to let my booth run dry for longer than 2 days!

3. Lose 40lbs, ok 50, ok 55...

4. Stop drinking Dr. Pepper....ok wait a minute. Let's not be sooo drastic. Cut DOWN on my drinking Dr. Pepper. I do it to stimulate the economy ok.

5. Pinch my pennies more!

6. Dive head first into my calling...Enrichment Leader.

7. Become more patient with my ever changing attitude filled children.

8. Date night twice a month with the hubby!

9. Go to the temple more. Lots more.

10. Hang out with my brothers more. Jake's gonna be gone soon :.(

11. Cut back on the road rage. Maybe.

12. Get my dad to fall in love with Obama and hear words "you all were right" come out of his mouth! lol

13. Spend more quality time with the fam. I do love em after all!

So those are a few...ok a lot of mine. What are yours? Happy New Year to you all! May only good and happy things come to you and your families in 2009! I love you!


Brad and Kathy said...

I love to hear you making all these new year's resolutions. I'm proud of your ability to believe in yourself and to never underestimate the power of positive thinking. Great miracles have been wrought by many an underdog to come out victorious on the field of battle. will be a COLD day in HELL when I will ever back your canidate, who unforunately is soon to be my president as well. But thanks for your positive attitude. Love you always DAD.

MindyMindy said...

Happy new year. I'll just take your resolutions and put them on my page. I am too lazy to think of my own!

the Maisey's said...

wow!! good luck with all of those. I know that I wouldn't be able to keep all of them. Thanks for some good idea's though.

BryceandSally said...

You always make me laugh! I love how you make serious things funny. Good luck with all of those.

Jen said...

Happy new year, lets have a friendly competition on the weight loss!