Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Look what I did!

Last night I taught myself how to make my own layouts for my blog! What do you think? I was getting so frustrated, but by 10:00 I had this one to show for it! Livie would go around the house and say "Mom is a genius" because that is what I was yelling from the office! If any of you want to know how...let me know! This cute paper and elements are courtesy of summertimedesigns.blogspot.com.


MindyWantsToKnow said...

ME FIRST!!!! I wanna know. Let me in on your "geniusness"!
I'd love my family pic in the header. I should know how to do this crap, I use write HTML on ebay all the time. lol
Oh well, teach me the goods!!!

Love ya

Brad and Kathy said...

WAY CUTE!!!!! You are extremely talented. Please Please do one for your poor mom....who doesn't have time for anything fun anymore. :(

Jana said...

very cute, but I am with your mom, I want you just to design one for me!! :) I know you love me enough!!

Brad and Kathy said...

Beckie..I'm still waiting!!! :)

Kahra said...

I'll do my own, just show me how you did it. And it's a new month, so we need to go to dinner. We should go twice since we missed December. I can go whenever. Let me know.